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Thank you for visiting our Website.  Our prayer is that every Christian be set free, as Jesus promised in John 8:36.  Luke 4:16-21 makes it clear that it is God’s will to release us from both physical and spiritual bondage.  Hebrews 2:14 clearly expresses that Christ’s death conquered Satan’s power to destroy.  The Lord Jesus Christ’s death on the cross can free us from bondage.

 In preparation for your deliverance:

  1. Listen to the audio track study of Ephesians Disk 1 and Disk 2 (follow numerical order).
  2. Complete the questionnaire.
  3. Pray the deliverance prayer using the questionnaire as a reference.

To prepare for what we call “deliverance”, a study of Ephesians 1:1 to 2:6 has been prepared for you in audio.  It is designed to reveal your importance to God, and what He has done to set you free from bondage.  Keep in mind these are God’s words of instruction in the Holy Bible, and shows that He desires to set you free.  It tells who you are in Christ and what He has done for you.

A questionnaire is provided.  These questions help to identify how demons may have come into your life.  Many feel that Christians can’t have demons, we have found otherwise.  Demons do not operate in the spirit of our being.  They may operate in the areas of the soul, which includes the mind, will and emotions.  For instance, spirits of infirmity may be causing physical problems.  When Jesus cast out demons, people were healed.

We are told to test the spirits in I John 4:1-3.  I Corinthians 12 identifies the “discernment of spirits” as one of the gifts that may be given to an individual according to God’s will.  This is something to think about.  What if a person has demons before salvation by participating in occultic activities or through inheriting them from their ancestors?  Suppose a person was involved with sinful acts using drugs and alcohol, or participated in sexual misconduct or works of the flesh, etc.?

What happens to demons when Christ is invited into your life?  We have found that some demons may leave, but others are hidden deep until they are commanded to leave.  We have seen hundreds of people, young and old, set free from the struggle and bondage of sin in their lifetime.

In Ephesians 4:27 Paul warns of “giving ground” or permission to demons to enter our life.  He is addressing Christians.  Christians are also told to put on the whole armor of God.  What if we give ground to demons?  What if we don’t put on the armor of God?

A prayer of deliverance is provided.  All prayer must come from the heart and be sincere.  Faith and honesty of heart are involved.  The prayer deals with sins you may have committed and ground you may have given to Satan.  The prayer contains 3 blanks.  When you pray this prayer, use the questionnaire that you completed from step 2.  The first blank in the prayer asks God to forgive each type of sin.  Insert each item listed on the questionnaire in the first blank as you pray.  The second blank deals with recurrence of sin.  Insert each item listed on the questionnaire in the second blank as you pray.  The third blank deals with reclaiming the ground you may have given to Satan.  The third blank is different from the first two blanks.  When “taking back ground”, it is important to renounce the demons by name.  Demons are normally given their name by description of their function.  So in the third blank of the prayer, use the descriptive name from the questionnaire as the name of the demon.

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