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H S W M, I N C.

Our web site “Conquerors-in-Christ.org” is the call to arms for Herritt Spiritual Warfare Ministries Inc, our non-profit organization.  Rev. & Mrs. Herritt are the spearhead of the corporation and provide Bible - based, Holy Spirit - controlled counseling necessary for meeting the emotional and spiritual needs of today's hurting individuals, who are truly seeking God's will for their lives."

Our Spiritual Warfare counseling is founded on Biblical principles.  We minister to the body of Christ and those struggling with oppression, suicide, destructive habits, bondage to mental, sexual and physical actions, demonic strongholds, etc.  In accordance to the anointing of the Lord Jesus Christ, we:

  • Preach the inerrant gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ (the good news)

  • Heal the brokenhearted

  • Declare liberty to those in spiritual captivity

  • Set at liberty those who are oppressed, in this period of grace

According to the Word of God, we minister to churches, families and persons.  We are a faith based ministry, dependent on the prayers and donations of God's people.  Hundreds of testimonies attest to the blessings of God.

 The following problems are among the many deliverances through the Lord Jesus Christ: anger, bitterness, depression, rejection, guilt, hate, unforgiveness, hopelessness, inferiority, loneliness, murder, rebellion, self-hate, stubbornness, worry, financial stress, drugs, alcohol, gambling, gluttony, lying, occultism as well as satanism.





That the Bible is the infallible word of God.  Holy men of God were moved upon by the Holy Spirit to write it.

In the Triune God - God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. 

In the Deity of Jesus Christ.  Everything was made by Christ and for Christ. He is as well the sustainer and judge of the universe.  Christ is God who came in the flesh.

That Jesus Christ came to be our Mediator between God and man, and the Holy Spirit is the source of Divine power for the believer.  Jesus died and arose for our sins and is alive forevermore. 

That Jesus Christ is coming again to take the believers to heaven and those who deny Jesus Christ will spend eternity in everlasting judgment.

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